Stomach Exercises

Your stomach area is made up of three different abdominal muscles. Your upper abs, your lower abs, and your obliques, which are commonly known as your love handles. The best way to train your stomach muscles is by doing exercises that focus on all three groups. Keep in mind that if you have a thick layer of body fat over your abdominal muscles, then all will happen is your waistline will increase in size. In order for you to have a smaller waist you must follow a proper diet and exercise program that includes aerobic and anaerobic exercise combined with resistance training. Doing stomach exercises alone will not make your waist shrink. There is a common misconception that if you do thousands of situps per day your waistline will decrease in size. Follow a proper diet and exercise program and combine it with a variety of different stomach exercises and you won't be disappointed.

A very good stomach exercise to do on a daily basis is working the transverse abdominal muscles. Basically all you do is suck in your stomach and hold it for as long as you can and then release. Take a couple of breaths and repeat doing it a few times. Use caution if you are a beginner because this can make your stomach muscles very sore the following day.

A more advanced way to work the transverse abdominal muscles is by getting on the floor as though you are going to do push-ups. While you are in the pushed up position, suck in your stomach as far as you possibly can and hold it for as long as possible. Once you feel your muscles burning you can release. Take a few breaths and repeat. Again, use caution because this exercise can cause considerable soreness the following day.

We are currently updating our content so please check back in a few days for several comprehensive stomach exercise programs that range from the beginner to the advanced.

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